Making world-class video testimonials effortless

We're on a mission to make world-class video testimonials effortless and help great companies build the trust they need to grow faster.

Traditional marketing content alone is no longer enough. The best B2B companies today grow through exceptional customer stories. And when it comes to customer stories, nothing tops the emotion and authenticity of video. The problem is, world-class video testimonials used to be cumbersome and complex. We exist to solve that problem so you can make high-impact customer stories your competitive advantage.

Our Team

Sam Shepler

Founder and CEO

Kevin Eisler

General Manager

Elijah Abel

Senior Account Executive

Andy Martín

Creative Director

Andrés Losada

Senior Video Editor

Stan Zavesnitski

Account Executive

Erika David

Video Editor

Florencia Sassi

Senior Content Producer

Micaela Mas

Video Production Manager

Julián Hernández

Video Editor

Rebeca Méndez

Senior Creative Project Manager

Alexia Obeide

Video Production Manager

Iñaki Díaz

Director of Product & Operations

Rodrigo Coitiño

Video Production Manager

Mili Blanqué

Video Editor

Alexa Ubaque

Creative Project Manager

Alonzo Rodriguez

Creative Project Manager

Lina Ordoñez

Creative Project Manager

Luciano Gonzalez

Video Editor

María Bouzas

Creative Project Manager

Abril Rodríguez

Video Editor

Ber Aimar

Video Editor

Alejandra Zapata Orrego

Accounting and Finance Officer

Heather Jacoby

Creative Producer

Sarah Moore

Creative Producer

Fiorella Martinelli

Senior Video Editor

Antonella Aquistapache

Video Editor

Inés Chacón

Motion Designer

Tomás Domínguez Vidal

CX Director

Dustin Tysick

VP of Revenue

Ariam Eqbe

Creative Producer

Our Core Values

Commit to attention to detail

Always be learning & growing

Celebrate work-life integration

Deliver an effortless experience

Embody persistence & tenacity

Practice accountability & ownership

Close deals faster with video testimonials for all key buyer personas.

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