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Build trust.
Improve your development pipeline.
And grow your franchise.

Investing hard-earned money in a franchise is a big step. Period.

But when you weave authentic, trust-building franchisee stories throughout your entire franchise development strategy, you can:

  • Create emotional connections with candidates
  • Increase brand awareness across all channels
  • Easily explain the value of your franchise
  • Differentiate your franchise from competitors
  • Address common concerns about investing in a franchise
  • Establish credibility and trust with candidates

What our customers say happens to them after working with us

"We dedicate a significant part of our marketing strategy to obtaining these testimonials. It's a multi-year campaign that we continue to invest in and get rewards from."

Julia Ledford

Director of Franchise Development

What you get when we work together

Strategy comes first

We’ll work with you to choose the right franchisees to interview, while your creative producer will help your franchisee relax and guide them through their interview to ensure the footage is perfect.

“Testimonial Hero has been a strategic partner in being able to tell our customer stories.”

Ron Dawson

Principal Content Strategist
HubSpot for Startups

Seamless video production

Go from start to filming in as little as two weeks from onboarding. We’ll take care of everything from filming the interview and B-roll to editing, cutting, and post-production.

“They make the process super easy. And honestly it takes a lot of work off my shoulders.”

Rosalinda Thorleifson

Marketing Manager

Zero hassle, zero headaches

We know your franchisee’s time is valuable. That’s why we use a streamlined process to collect great footage in just 30-60 minutes, whether filming remotely or on-site.

“To be able to outsource this to a company who you trust is going to represent you well is invaluable.”

Francis Lyons

Founding Partner

Maximize your footage

You’ll also get a video content repurposing strategy, shorter clips from your footage, and written assets to use on your website, in ads, and in social media posts – to further amplify your marketing.

“It’s one big piece of content that I’ve been able to generate multiple pieces of Microcontent with.”

Megan Ootton

Marketing Coordinator

Drive franchise growth, faster

With strategic franchisee testimonials that support your entire franchise development strategy.

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