Employee video testimonials

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Close trust gaps with strategic video testimonials. So you can attract the best talent and share the why behind your brand.

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Hassle-free, exceptional-quality employee testimonials

As a global video testimonial company, we’ll take care of everything from filming and producing to editing, cutting, and repurposing employee testimonial videos for you.

  • 100% done-for-you filming, production, and editing.
  • A dedicated project manager ensures videos are shot, edited, and produced on time.
  • Fast turnaround – delivery time of your first videos is within 2 weeks of filming.
  • Your footage can also be used to create use-case-specific content such as ads, social posts, teasers, and more.

Your employer brand is your storefront for attracting the best talent

With the rise of remote work your potential employees have more options than ever

Authentic employee testimonials tell your brand’s story from your employees perspective and are instantly relatable, emotional, and impactful.

Show how much your employees mean to your company. Give exposure to your amazing work culture. Impact the kind of talent you can attract.

Exceptional quality remote video testimonials

Using our remote filming app (no sign-up required) our crew will help your employees get set up for filming and will coach and guide them through their interview so that their responses are relaxed and authentic.

It takes just 30-45 minutes of your employees time. And for them, the experience is as easy as joining a video call.

And the results are incredible, take a look for yourself


Employee Testimonial


Employee Testimonial


Employee Testimonial

On-site, full-service customer video testimonials

We’ll send a crew from our global network of professional producers and videographers straight to your HQ or wherever your employees are. And will take care of filming, producing, editing, and cutting for you from start to finish.

It takes just 1-hour of your employees’ time and uses minimal equipment to prevent disturbances.


Employee Testimonials


Employee Testimonials


Employee Testimonials

Attract the right talent, faster

With strategic employee testimonials that support your employer brand.

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