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Remote Testimonials

How many people can be interviewed at a time?

To maintain the high quality of the process, we ask that it is limited to one person for all remote interviews.

How long does a remote interview take?

About 30-35 minutes per remote interview.

Is the video captured in high definition?


All videos are captured and presented in high definition.

Since we're recording on smartphones, and not a webcam, this will be the best source to use that is easily accessible to everyone. 

What platform do you use to capture the remote video?

We do not use any software, app, or platform to capture the video.

Instead, we use your client's smartphone to record the video locally on their device, while we are interviewing them through a separate video chat on their computer.

This allows us to capture the absolute highest quality of video — and avoid and bandwidth limitations that degrade the quality.

What are remote testimonials?

Remote testimonials are testimonials that are captured remotely, through the use of your employee's or customer's phones.

On-Site Testimonials

How many people can you interview for on-site testimonials?

For an on-site testimonial, up to two people can be included per video.

Additional interviewees can be added at an additional cost.

How long does an on-site interview take?

About 60-90 minutes per person interviewed.

What are on-site testimonials?

On-site testimonials are testimonials that are captured on-site or on location.