Flexible pricing

Fuel your entire go-to-market motion with the exact customer content you need.

Step 1 -  Get credits

Buy and exchange credits to capture the types of interviews you need and create the types of content you want.

Step 2 - Capture

Choose your capture type. We write interview questions, schedule the interview, and handle all pre-production.

Step 3 - Select your content

You receive the raw footage + transcript and exchange your credits for the exact videos you want.

Step 1: Choose your credit tier

Flexible packages for every stage of company


35-59 credits/year @ $186/credit

Get started with premium live remotes & async self-captures or an on-site testimonial

Starting at



60-179 credits/year @ $172/credit

Expand your customer video content strategy or focus on multiple on-site testimonials.

Save 14%

Starting at



180-359 credits/year @ $160/credit

Create a consistent cadence of customer content or utilize  multiple capture types.

Save 20%

Starting at



360+ credits/year @ $150/credit

Build out a full-funnel customer video content strategy at scale.

Save 25%

Starting at


Test drive package available for <35 credits @ $200/credit

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Included in all packages

  • Onboarding & kick-off
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Customer advocacy strategy session
  • Quarterly testimonial strategy session
  • Frictionless process
  • Customer portal access

Wait...I just want to know how  much one classic testimonial video costs

We get it. Separating capture and content gives you flexibility to create content for your entire buyer’s journey. But here’s ballpark costs for a single  classic testimonial video.

On-site videography

41 credits

With volume discounts

from $6,150

One-off price


Premium live remote

18 credits

With volume discounts

from $2,700

One-off price


Async self-capture

11 credits

With volume discounts

from $1,650

One-off price


Step 2: Choose how to capture your interviews

Flexible filming options that scale with you.

Premium live remote

7 credits. Single interview.
Prep & capture.

Interview recorded with your customer's smart phone. One of our experienced creative producers will conduct the live interview.

On-site videography

30 credits for half-day, 35 credits for full-day
3-6 interviews + B-roll. Prep & capture

Interview and b-roll recorded on location with a professional crew from our global network of videographers.

Async self-capture

Free access with Start tier and up. Campaign building. Unlimited interviews

Generate content by sending a link to your customers and allowing them to record their own interviews.

Step 3: Choose the content you want to create

Content catalog

Create full-funnel content from your customer stories

Compelling video following case study format of problem, solution, and recommendation. Often used on a website.

Snackable video up to 30 seconds purpose-built to be used on social and advertising platforms.

Short-form video up to 75 seconds focused on a specific key differentiator or QFD (question, fear, doubt). Typically used in the form of an Objection Crusher, Cost of Inaction, or Competitive Replacement.

Long-form video up to 5 minutes expanding on important points for a more detailed and comprehensive story. Often used for sales enablement.

Long-form video of up to 10 minutes detailing an in-depth story. Often used as a replacement for reference calls.

Common add-ons

Customize your videos based on exactly what you need.

Include up to 4 total voices in your video. Great for compilation videos.

Include up to 7 total voices in your video. Great for compilation videos.

Include up to 10 total voices in your video. Great for compilation videos.

Expand the animation in your video beyond lower thirds, screen captures, and text callouts from interviews to more animated objects (excluding character animation). Typically used in product demos or hype videos leaning heavily on animated text and objects.

Film your interviewee in a language other than English.

Edit raw footage captured in a language other than English.

Add a professional voiceover artist to your video.


Do you offer payment options other than annual?

Yes, we also offer a quarterly payment option on most plans.

How long does it take to produce my videos?

End-to-end we say 45 days but that varies a lot depending on how long it takes to schedule the customer. If you have a hard deadline let us know and we can work with you.

How does the subscription work?

When you sign up you’ll be on a 12-month term and your price will be locked in so you can always buy more credits at the volume discount of your credit tier. We’ll work with you to plan out how to use the credits within 12-months but as long as you stay subscribed we’ll work with you to roll them over to a new plan.

While you’re subscribed you get access to our customer portal to plan and organize all your projects, plus you’ll get complimentary access to our self-capture service.

Can you explain credits more?

Think of credits like tokens at an arcade. You can exchange them for what you want because we know plans change. For example, let’s say you originally purchased enough credits for an on-site testimonial but were having difficulty getting it scheduled. You can pivot and use those credits for a premium live remote or async self-capture video instead.

Is a live person actually interviewing my customers?

For premium live remotes and on-sites there will be a live interviewer conducting a 30-45 minute interview. They’ll walk them through the set-up, ask follow-up questions, and make your customer feel comfortable. For async self-capture, there is no live interviewer and your customer will be prompted with questions from our AI avatar.

Does my customer use their webcam?

For self-capture we recommend that customers use their webcam, but for our premium live remotes they will be conducted through the customer’s smartphone as that is usually the best quality camera that they have.

Can you add b-roll to my videos?

Yes! For on-sites we’ll make time to capture b-roll and use it in the video. For remotes and self-capture videos we can use any b-roll you share with us or we can source our own. We also add animations to the videos.

You can also purchase a b-roll only on-site shoot so that we have b-roll to use across the capture and content types that you choose.