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Software is hard to sell. Period. But when you weave authentic, trust-building customer stories
throughout your entire go-to-market strategy, you can:

  • Create emotional connections with your audience
  • Increase brand awareness across all channels
  • Easily explain the value of complex products
  • Differentiate your products from competitors
  • Address common concerns about your software
  • Establish credibility and trust with buyers

What our customers say happens to them after working with us

“Testimonial videos have absolutely helped us grow both our brand and our revenue.”

Rachel Spatz

VP of Marketing, NinjaOne

“To be able to outsource testimonial videos to a company that you trust is going to represent you well and deliver a great product is invaluable.”

Francis Lyons

Founding Partner, Truepic

“Whether we’re doing a video in Prague or Dublin or Paris, and whether it’s a remote or on-site, Testimonial Hero is going to knock it out of the park.”

Ron Dawson

Principal Content Strategist, HubSpot for Startups

“We’ve found so many homes for these videos to live. They were almost immediately some of our top performing tactics in our LinkedIn campaigns.”

Katie Green

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Current Health

What you get when we work together.

Strategy comes first

We’ll work with you to choose the right customers to interview, while your creative producer will help your customer relax and guide them through their interview to ensure the footage is perfect.

“Testimonial Hero has been a strategic partner in being able to tell our customer stories.”

Ron Dawson

Principal Content Strategist
HubSpot for Startups

Seamless video production

Go from start to filming in as little as two weeks from onboarding. We’ll take care of everything from filming the interview and B-roll to editing, cutting, and post-production.

“They make the process super easy. And honestly it takes a lot of work off my shoulders.”

Rosalinda Thorleifson

Marketing Manager

Zero hassle, zero headaches

We know your customers’ time is valuable. That’s why we use a streamlined process to collect great footage in just 30-60 minutes, whether filming remotely or on-site.

“It’s really convenient for our clients. It makes it so much easier to do this remotely with just a cell phone and 30 minutes of their time. It’s hassle-free for us and our clients.”

Jessica Hey

Marketing Director

Maximize your footage

You’ll also get a video content repurposing strategy, shorter clips from your footage and written content to use on your website, in ads, and in social media posts – to further amplify your marketing.

“The product from Testimonial Hero appears in our advertising, our email campaigns, on all of our landing pages, and on our main website.”

Jake Matulewicz

Director of Marketing

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