Give your copywriter a head start

Get to your first draft faster with classic and first-person case studies auto-generated based on the transcript of your customer’s interview.

What’s included?

Best quotes

  • Up to 3 quotes pulled directly from the transcript
  • Commonly used as a written testimonial on websites
  • Can be adapted into quote cards by your design team

Classic case study

  • Problem, solution, results format
  • Written in the third-person
  • Approximately 400-500 words
  • Utilizes direct quotes from the customer throughout

1st-person case study

  • Problem, solutions, result format
  • Written in the 1st-person for added authenticity
  • Approximately 300-400 words


How much does it cost?

We include AI generated case studies for free with each customer interview.

What’s the quality like?

We’re continually training our AI model on customer interviews so the output is continuing to improve. It’s still not as good as a human though so we recommend that a copywriter or editor gives them a read before you post.

Do you also create quote cards?

We do not create quote cards for our customers. That being said, the best quotes section is a great starting point for your designer to create quote cards.