14 Customer Testimonial Page Examples That You Need to Copy

Customer testimonial pages need to be optimized and populated with the right content in order to be effective. 

There is so much that can be included. How do you know what makes the cut? 

Looking at the customer testimonial pages of larger companies is one of the best ways to ensure that you're getting your testimonial page right the first time. 

In this guide, we'll examine some of the best customer testimonial page examples from across the web. 

In each, we'll break down their best practices so you can apply those lessons to your site. 

How Do You Make an Effective Customer Testimonial Page?

The success of a video testimonial isn't just determined by the content and production value of the final cut. 

It needs to be presented in the proper way and featured prominently on a customer testimonial page within your website.

Testimonials hosted on websites can impact the number of conversions that the company generates. 

In fact, some customer testimonial pages increase bottom-of-funnel site conversions by more than 34%.

Before we look at companies that have done it effectively, you need to understand the components of a customer testimonial page. 

Each should include:

  • Multiple customer testimonials, spanning across use cases and industry
  • On-page optimization for your industry with focus keywords 
  • Brand logos of your customers as a form of social proof
  • A final call-to-action to drive the prospect to request a demo or sign up

By showcasing your testimonials on your website, you let your customers do the marketing for you

On our customer testimonial page, we prominently feature video testimonials from clients that have been satisfied by our work.

For example:

customers page testimonial hero

(Image Source)

Prospective customers like to see this content and often engage with it. More than 69% of customers trust advertisements (like video testimonials) on a company's website.

For an added boost of social proof, include logos of your clients on your customer testimonial page. 

Here's a snapshot of ours:

(Image Source)

However, the most important ingredient for your customer testimonial page is the testimonial itself. 

If you need some help creating a captivating video testimonial, we can help.

Testimonial Hero can help work with your customers to film, edit and produce a high-quality customer testimonial for your company. View some of the testimonials we've brought to life.

Anyway, on to the examples, each broken down with best practices you can use to optimize your own testimonial pages.

Customer Testimonial Page Example #1: Zendesk

zendesk customer stories

(Image Source)

Zendesk is one of the top examples of a killer customer testimonial page. Zendesk is a help desk software that arms companies with customer service tools in order to more effectively communicate with their customers. 

When you first look at the customers page for Zendesk, you'll notice that they list one featured story at the top of the page. The story features Airbnb, which provides the prospective customer with social proof. Prospective companies might think, "If Airbnb trusts this business, I should too."

Zendesk organizes the remainder of the customer testimonials into a number of categories, including: location, industry, company size, and more. This makes for easy browsing and helps Zendesk's prospects pinpoint relevant information easily.

Thumbnail images serve as links to each full customer story. Overall, the page is easy to navigate and use. It would be much more effective, however, if Zendesk was utilizing testimonial video content.

Key Takeaway: Organization is an important element of the user experience and lets the prospect know that their time is valued. 

Customer Testimonial Page Example #2: Help Scout

help scout social proof

(Image source)

Help Scout is another software company specializing in customer support. It provides email and live chat functionality with customers, using a personal touch.

Their customer testimonial page wastes no time in touting the success and size of the company, stating that it is used by over 9,000 businesses. In the header graphic, you'll see a number of recognizable company logos.

Help Scout utilizes a great blend of video and text testimonials. Some of the stand out companies that they work with have quotes associated with their testimonial.

They also make it a point to drop in the logos of some of their larger clients, even if they did not provide a testimonial.

The video testimonial organization is wonderful. The organization functions like mini documentaries—interviewing several employees of the testifying company, giving background information on the company as a whole, and going into great detail on how Help Scout aids them in servicing their clients.

Key Takeaway: Use your testimonials to tell a story about your business and the value you can provide.

Customer Testimonial Page Example #3: HubSpot

(Image Source)

HubSpot is a marketing automation software company with a testimonial page that is simple and straightforward. HubSpot utilizes quote snippets for most of their testimonials, drawing the prospect in with short glowing copy provided from each testifying customer. 

The company also includes a link to each client's business that is featured in the testimonial, which is a great incentive for customers to endorse the company. By providing an external link from a site with high domain authority, HubSpot is boosting their client's SEO efforts.

HubSpot's page's simple design is their core differentiator. The page has an effective single-column layout. Each testimonial it stacked one on top of the other. They're fairly short so that a prospect can easily read each snippet down the line. 

Another interesting feature of this page is that it calls out whether a customer had switched to HubSpot from a competitor. It makes sure to point out the impact of that change, giving prospects who may be working with one of their competitors something to think about when making their purchase decisions.

Key Takeaway: Don't feel like you have to go overboard with design elements with your customer testimonials. The page can be simple and straightforward.

Customer Testimonial Page Example #4: Bizzabo

(Image Source)

Bizzabo is an event management software company with a collection of full case studies from various customers. The company makes a statement immediately at the top of the page, stating that their customers are the center of their universe. 

On their customer testimonial page, they tout their perfect score from the Capterra Customer Service rating before diving right into a series of case studies. A small box with an image, company logo, and a pull-out snippet represents each study.

Key Takeaway: Include awards and accolades that your business has won on your customer testimonial page to attract a potential client.

Customer Testimonial Page Example #5: Xero

(Image Source)

The business and accounting software company Xero has a lot going for it, and its customer page showcases that perfectly.

Xero has a wide range of clients, so it separates all of its reviews and testimonials by industry. 

Selecting your industry takes you to a page which features a case study with both text and a video. There is one testimonial per industry and each one has its own dedicated page. They list 17 different industries, giving a wide spectrum of customers to choose from. 

This kind of organization ensures that the prospect is receiving only the most relevant information. Each industry features a custom landing page with industry-specific information before you even get to the actual customer story.

Key Takeaway: Add filtering criteria to your landing page so prospective customers can find a good testimonial from real people that is applicable to their business.

Customer Testimonial Page Example #6: ChowNow

(Image Source)

ChowNow is a food ordering system and mobile app. The company's testimonials page features a chat pop up that references a new testimonial. This testimonial page aims to attract restaurant owners who are considering having their establishment on the service, rather than the customers who would be using the app.

The top two testimonials get both a snippet and a video featured on the page. They also make sure to note what kind of restaurant each testimonial comes from. Some examples of the categories featured are Mexican restaurants, cafes, sandwiches, BBQ, and more. 

Every online review has a video, but most of them aren't embedded. Beneath each customer there is a video play icon for prospects to click. All of the testimonial videos pop up on the page, so there's no need to navigate away or wait while a new page loads.

Key Takeaway: Make your customer testimonials interactive to ensure that your potential customer is continuously engaged down the page. 

Customer Testimonial Page Example #7: Hootsuite

(Image Source)

Hootsuite is one of the largest and most recognized social media management companies in the world. Its customer testimonial page has excellent organization. It divides the type of customer study and the various different industries that have used its service.

Each case study takes you to its own dedicated landing page. These pages feature a testimonial video on top and a written case study underneath. There are also industry-specific case studies featured on the page, ensuring that the prospect is receiving relevant information. 

Each testimonial video is expertly edited and looks professional. They are embedded through YouTube, and users can follow the videos to Hootsuite's official YouTube account. 

Key Takeaway: Host your videos on a third-party site like YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia to expand your reach and encourage sharing on social media channels.

Customer Testimonial Page Example #8: Shopify

(Image Source)

Shopify is one of the most widely known ecommerce platforms on the planet. Online business owners know their choice of ecommerce platform is one of their most vital decisions.

Since prospects want to have full confidence in the platform they choose, a testimonial page is necessary to nudge potential clients toward purchasing. This provides them with social proof and increases consumer confidence in the product.

Shopify lays out the page very well with colorful images for every testimonial. Each one listed comes with a small blurb about the company, including its name, an image, and their location.

These testimonials are text-based and could use some video to brighten them up.

Shopify gives the customers featured in a testimonial a chance to talk about their company before going into the actual testimonial. This is essentially a place for the company to market itself. This is a fantastic perk that undoubtedly makes it easier for Shopify to receive testimonials from their customers.

Key Takeaway: Consider how you can drive more traffic and customers to your existing clients that participate in your video testimonials. This will make them more likely to want to share their experience with your company.

Customer Testimonial Page Example #9: mHelpDesk


The business automation software mHelpDesk has a very effective customers page featuring both testimonial videos as well as text-based reviews.

Video testimonials are showcased prominently at the top of the page with pulled out text snippets beneath them for easier navigation. There is a call to action between the video section and the text-based reviews.

The page also highlights some of the various awards and badges of recognition the company has received. While this is not a direct testimonial from a customer, it is an extra vote of confidence to convey for the potential client.

Key Takeaway: Showcase a mix of text, image and video testimonials on your landing page to ensure that potential customers can browse as they please.

Customer Testimonial Page Example #10: 99designs

(Image Source)

99 Designs, a professional design firm, takes a different approach compared to other companies on this list by utilizing a star-based rating system. The landing page starts with a video which is professionally edited. Below the video, you’ll find a series of star-based reviews all separated by categories and industries.

Customers can leave a star rating and review the service as if it were an Amazon product. This approach is highly effective because it uses a familiar format that people already know, making it easy for customers to vote. There are over 37,000 reviews on the site, and a star rating average of 4.8 out of 5 at the time of this writing.

Key Takeaway: Consider gamifying your video testimonial page to increase the amount of customer reviews you can showcase.

Customer Testimonial Page Example #11: Hotjar

(Image Source)

Hotjar, a business heat mapping and survey software, features a varied customers page that switches seamlessly back and forth between video testimonials and shorter text based reviews.

The videos include a small write up on the testifying company. These videos are incredible, featuring numerous employees and great production value.

Beneath the top three videos, you’ll find company logos and employee headshots with testimonial quotes touting the success of the product. Then there is another video and additional text quotes.

Key Takeaway: Include headshots of employees who are giving the testimonials so prospective clients know they are coming from real people.

Customer Testimonial Page Example #12: WordStream

(Image Source)

WordStream is an online advertising solution that helps companies run hyper-targeted, more efficient campaigns. Their testimonial page has multiple client testimonials, providing a diverse selection for advertisers and agencies.

Every few testimonials, a call-to-action will be inserted to request a demo. As the reader scrolls, looking at all the testimonials, they’ll see some with a green “Get in Touch” button instead of the standard “Read More” button.

Key Takeaway: Include relevant calls-to-action throughout your testimonial page to ensure that prospective customers know where to go to get more information.

Customer Testimonial Page Example #13: Vidyard

(Image Source)

Vidyard is an online hosting software that enables companies to publish their videos on their website and receive detailed viewer analytics.

Their customer testimonial page is dubbed their “Video Inspiration Hub,” and includes case studies, testimonials and video resources that feature clients and partners.

By titling your video testimonial page under a different name, you can position it as a resource with helpful information—not just testimonials.

Key Takeaway: Position your testimonial landing page as a resource page and include guides, articles and other content that is relevant for your customers.

Customer Testimonial Page Example #14: Buffer

(Image Source)

Buffer, a social media scheduling platform, showcases their testimonials on their Buffer Love page. The page features a rotating slideshow featuring client testimonials that prospects can browse.

The unique factor of their testimonial page is the social wall of tweets that their fans have shared. Buffer asked their fans to use the hashtag #bufferlove to share why they love the platform.

This is an excellent use of user-generated content to see real, authentic reactions to their product.

Key Takeaway: Use user-generated content on your testimonial page. You can crowdsource this content from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


A customer testimonial won’t do anything for your business if prospects can’t find it. That’s why so many businesses choose to publish the testimonials on their websites.

Often, businesses launch customer testimonial pages to provide a place for prospects to learn more about existing customers’ experiences with the company. These pages have testimonials, on-page optimization, customer logos and a call-to-action.

By using some of the strategies outlined above, you’ll create an impactful customer testimonial page that will move your prospect to purchase.

Struggling to create enough video content for your customer testimonial page? Get inspiration from some of the testimonials we’ve created for our happy clients.

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