5 B2B Companies Effectively Using Testimonial Videos to Drive Sales

When trying to appeal to other businesses, you can only tout your own abilities for so long. 

Businesses want to see results, and they are naturally skeptical of being sold the proverbial "bill of goods."

That's why testimonial videos can do wonders for B2B companies looking to provide extra assurance to their prospects. 

62% of B2B decision-makers say they use peer recommendations more often as a purchasing trigger.

62% of B2B decision-makers say that peer recommendations are a very strong purchasing trigger. And 89% of B2B marketers consider testimonials the best marketing tool at their disposal.

A well-produced testimonial video can inspire trust and confidence in your business. That's why you want to make sure that you're following the example set by other B2B companies that are effectively using testimonial videos to drive sales.

In this guide, we're going to show you five prime testimonial examples from B2B companies who are succeeding with stellar testimonial videos that have a positive impact on their business' bottom line. 

But first, let's learn a bit more about what exactly goes into these great testimonial examples and any testimonial video.

Four Key Components in Testimonial Examples

We know testimonial videos are a valuable source of social proof—but that doesn't mean every testimonial video accomplishes this goal. In order for a testimonial video to do its job, it needs to have the following key components:

  • Statistics: Having statistics in your videos gives your prospective customer a more concrete idea of the impact your product or service can have on theirs. Prompt your testifying customers to provide real-world, concrete numbers of how you've affected their business.
  • Narrative: While your testimonial doesn't need to be a story, per se, it should have a series of points that build off each other and build a strong case for your business.
  • Concrete situations: Present what the problem was, how your offering tended to the problem, and what the final result was (include statistics, if possible).
  • Context: Your testimonial video participants should give a background of their company: their market segment, size, and how long they've been in operation. Providing your viewers with this kind of simple context gives them a better understanding of how your product or service can help their business.

You'll find all of these used throughout the following testimonial examples. Let's dig in.

Testimonial Examples: 5 Companies Effectively Using Testimonial Videos to Drive Sales

Now that you know what to look for in a good testimonial video, let's show you a few examples of B2B video testimonials that are particularly good. 

All of these videos hit on the key components listed above, and most go even further. We'll show you each video, then list out exactly what we think makes them so good. 

Let's get started.

1. Slack: Get Creative

If,  somehow, you're unfamiliar with Slack, it's a popular inter-office communication system used by businesses big and small. 

Creativity is he first thing that jumps out to us in this video. 

This example testimonial takes what you are expecting from a testimonial video and reverses it with dry, sardonic humor.

The premise of the video is that a company called Sandwich Video Inc. is having a hard time managing its communications. But the twist is that Slack actually approaches Sandwich Video asking them to create a testimonial for Slack. Then the video turns into a testimonial of how Slack helped Sandwich Video. A little confusing, perhaps, but still very fun and subversive.

Notice how there are both scripted and (seemingly) unscripted portions of the video, graphic overlays that show the product in action, and a clear narrative running throughout. The testimonial is also successful in providing the viewer with a lot of information about the product, while keeping the runtime to under two and a half minutes.

And the video doesn't even feel like two and a half minutes, right? That's a credit to its quirky and engaging style. 

Overall, this testimonial works because it succeeds in telling us Slack's value proposition in a way that makes us smile and never feels fake.

2. UiPath: Simplifying the Complex

Ui Path is a software company that develops a platform for robotic process automation. Sounds pretty complex, right? That's why their video testimonial with Tarsus — a South African distribution company — is so good: It breaks down what Ui Path is and what it can do for your business.

The style of this video testimonial is more straightforward than the example from Slack. 

It features the Supply Chain Executive for Tarsus explaining how UiPath made his business operate more efficiently. 

In scripted segments, the interviewee creates a narrative by explaining exactly what his business' issues were. He then explains how Ui Path was able to solve those issues with its software (for example, he explains how Uipath automation tools have freed up his staff to learn new skills, and in turn become happier workers). 

Throughout the video, there is footage that showcases how the business works and areas where Ui Path improves operations. Background music also brings more life to the testimonial, as does a variety of quick cuts (ensuring no shot gets too stale).

We'll admit that this video isn't as engaging as the Slack example, but that's trickier to do when your product requires quite a bit more explanation. Overall, we find this video effective because it takes a product that is hard to understand at first and puts it into layman's terms for prospective buyers.

3. HotJar: "Ah, I Get It"

Next up is HotJar, another software company that provides businesses with behavior analytics and user feedback to help them optimize their website. 

Their video testimonial features Unbounce, a service that helps marketers build landing pages that drive conversions. The testimonial is based around scripted segments in which Unbounce's Chief Conversion Officer explains how HotJar successfully consolidated a variety of disparate tools into one platform — and how this helps him do his job better.

The testimonial focuses primarily on the analytics tools HotJar provides, and how those tools help his business make a more compelling argument to clients on how they should be improving their website. 

Other things we liked include the use of time. The entire video comes in at just over one minute — yet you still come away feeling like you learned everything you need to about the product. 

In terms of style, there are quite a few quick cuts, which help keep the viewer engaged. The background music also provides a nice rhythm to the video. Lastly, having the video take place in Unbounce's offices makes the viewer feel like they have been invited inside for a private demo. 

This testimonial is another great example of taking a complex product and presenting it in such a way that viewers "get it". All of the b-roll complements what is being said in the voiceovers, and the interviewee lays out exactly how HotJar helped his business get from point A to point B.

4. InsightSquared: A Dashboard 

Our next example of a great B2B video testimonial is InsightSquared, which provides analytics tools to sales teams. A particularly effective testimonial they conducted is with Boomtrain, a business that provides AI-powered marketing automation services.

What we like about this testimonial is that it pulls you in right from the get-go. An unidentified individual begins by explaining how they use Boomtrain to run their business better. Who is then revealed to be the CEO, which provides the viewer with powerful validation of the service.

The CEO explains what his business does, thereby providing the viewer with important context. All the while, B-roll is playing of the CEO and his team using InsightSquared to do their work. Next, the CEO explains exactly how InsightSquared helps his business. Providing more insight into the quality of leads his business's marketing efforts attract. 

Throughout the video testimonial, b-roll is playing of his team using the product, and shots of InsightSquared dashboards give the viewer an idea of what it would be like to use the product themselves. The CEO also goes on to explain how InsightSquared has helped his business in ways other services cannot. 

Finally, he wraps up by saying not using InsightSquared is like "driving a car without a dashboard.". For those that were unclear about InsightSquared's value-add, this helps clear things up. It also explains what the product does in layman's terms.

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5. Darwin Apps: Better Than The Others

Lastly we have Darwin Apps, an organization that builds marketing tools for software businesses.

They created a testimonial video with the real estate software platform VTS. Like the previous example, the VTS testimonial is split between two interviewees. Both of whom explain how Darwin Apps has helped VTS grow. 

Right away, the video talks about how Darwin Apps fits into VTS. The first interviewee explains that there were previous failed attempts to solve their issues before turning to Darwin.

This is powerful because it provides context that prospective clients may be able to relate to. The interviewee then explains why Darwin is a better solution than hiring a full-time marketing engineer.

The interviewee also repeatedly mentions Darwin as being "part of the team," and how much he trusts the software. This is another powerful piece of validation that helps a prospective buyer imagine what their experience might be like working with Darwim. 

Throughout the video, there are also other best practices that we previously mentioned—b-roll that provides context, inviting background music, fast cuts, unscripted and scripted segments, and examples of the product in action.

Finally, the video comes in at just under two minutes, which is an economical use of time. Especially considering how much information needs to be covered.

Using These Testimonial Examples In Your Business

If you're not using video testimonials to instil a sense of trust in your B2B prospects, you're leaving money on the table. 

The testimonial examples in this guide will give you some ideas on how to craft your own video testimonial. 

As a reminder, here are some techniques you should integrate into your testimonial videos to maximize impact:

  • Statistics that show the results your product or service delivered.
  • A narrative that helps the viewer gain an understanding of how your product works.
  • Context that helps the viewer relate to the testimonial subject's issues.
  • Concrete examples that show exactly what your product or service can do.
  • Unscripted and unscripted segments featuring key stakeholders.
  • Footage showcasing your product or service in action.
  • Quick cuts and bright lighting.
  • Friendly background music.
  • Humor, when appropriate.

Invest in testimonial videos and make sure they're done the right way. Pull from the examples set by these five businesses and you will create a stellar testimonial. One that will strengthen your brand in the minds of your prospects. 

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