6 Compelling B2B Video Testimonial Examples You Need To Steal Right Now

The years when a firm handshake and a snappy suit would close a deal are long gone.

Now it's all digital advertising, SEO, social media, and endless branding meetings.

But one thing remains as valuable as it ever was: a word-of-mouth endorsement from a very happy customer.

For potential buyers, a recommendation from a trusted source can significantly sway the buying decision. 

As a B2B business, the trick is to leverage your loyal customers as social proof to net your future customers. 

And there’s no better way to do this than with a great testimonial video.

Read on to check out six testimonial video examples that show you exactly why you need every satisfied customer on film advocating for you.

Video testimonials are the new word of mouth

While a word-of-mouth recommendation is extremely helpful, a customer testimonial video can be far more powerful. It’s wide-reaching, builds trust, and provides invaluable brand validation.

Plus, they work.

  • 79% of people have watched a client testimonial video to find out more about a company, product, or service.
  • 9 out of 10 buyers say that they trust what a real person says about a company over what that company says about themselves. 
  • 37% of people believe testimonial videos are effective because they’re more authentic than a business’s own pitch.
  • A customer testimonial above the fold can boost conversions by 34%.

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As Todd Harris, Director of Marketing at Celect, explains, “Whitepapers, datasheets, ebooks — those are great, but the real power is having your customer speak for you.”

Why customer video testimonials are great for B2B

B2B buyers are a breed of their own — they shop differently than B2C buyers, as they have to be accountable for a professional budget rather than just their own spending money.

Due to this, B2B buyers tend to seek out reviews when researching a new product, as it helps them to make a more educated choice. 

In fact, almost 50% of all B2B buyers say they chose their vendor based on reviews by industry peers, while 59% agree that they put reviews in their top five most important factors when analyzing potential solutions providers.

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B2B buyers also use case studies to help them research products and services, as they provide detailed insights into how a solution has helped similar companies.

54% of B2B buyers say that they looked at case studies when making their last purchase. But, 2/3 of people say they’re more likely to purchase after watching a testimonial video demonstrating how a business, product, or service has helped another person like them.

A case study video doesn’t just offer quick customer feedback — it gives you a chance to provide a deep dive into your solutions so your B2B customers can see the true value and qualitative impact of your offerings.

For one thing, prospective clients get to see your products and services in action. For 47% of people, testimonial videos are effective because they help them visualize how a product or service actually works.

Plus, an authentic video success story isn’t just a detailed customer review. It also provides an emotional appeal that you simply can’t portray with a written testimonial. 

That’s why 42% of people say client testimonial videos are effective — they showcase an actual person, which helps the viewer understand their story better.

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Lastly, a great video testimonial is a rock-solid sales enablement tool to help your team build a strong business case for B2B buyers. 

As Jake Matulewicz, Director of Marketing at Symmons, puts it, “Authentic video is something that really resonates with a customer — and as a result, we end up getting more conversions, whether that be a phone call, an email, or a form completion.” 

Customer testimonial video best practices

To reel in a potential customer, you need an effective customer testimonial video library that shows off all your values as a company.

However, poor-quality video production can seriously harm your company’s reputation.

If you want your video testimonials to convince future customers that you’re the pick of the litter, here are a few best practices to make sure your videos are top-notch.

Focus on creating high-quality video 

A video testimonial shot from your phone without B-roll, quality audio, or lighting is actually more detrimental to your business objectives than no video testimonial at all. 

Consider using a professional third party who creates video testimonials for a living.

Tailor testimonials to specific marketing campaigns

Use specific video testimonials to target specific campaigns toward a segment of your target market. For instance, if you're running a Cyber Monday promotion of your Widget X6000, use a video testimonial on the landing page from a client who uses — and loves — the Widget X6000.

Start with an emotional hook

You want your prospective customers to feel emotionally connected to your clients. Kick off your testimonial with an emotionally driven hook that highlights your solutions’ impact on solving their problems.

Discuss the pain point

After your client has introduced themselves, ask them to share the pain point that your business addressed. You want your prospective customers to feel connected to their specific frustrations so that they can see how your company would solve their similar pain points.

Share specific numbers

The easiest way to make your video testimonials believable is to include real people sharing real details. 

Not, "This product was great, and I recommend it," but "This product increased the rate at which MQLs became SQLs by 34% in the first six months.

This helps your B2B buyers build a solid business case.

Talk about the benefits and results

Make sure your existing customers cover all the tangible benefits they experienced from using your services. 

You don’t just want them to outline how you solved their problem. You also want them to express the positive results from solving that issue, such as increased profits, happier customers, and more productive staff.

Put yourself in the marketplace and mention competitors

Don’t be afraid to mention competitors. 

If your customers have used a competing company before settling on your solution, use this as leverage. Get them to explain why the previous product didn’t meet their needs and how your solution solved this.

Include multiple viewpoints

Try to include more than one viewpoint in your testimonial videos. Encourage speakers from different departments to express how your solutions helped them. 

This shows how your solution provides company-wide support.

Get a clear recommendation

Don’t beat around the bush. Make sure the client testimonial says the words, “I recommend this company for X, Y, and Z reasons.” 

A clear recommendation means there’s no mistake that you’re the winning brand for them.

Show the product in action

Use the B-roll footage as an opportunity to show your product in action. Show different departments working with your services so that viewers can get a feel for how it can be deployed across the company.

Keep it short and sweet

Long videos won’t hold your audience’s attention. Instead, try to keep your testimonials as short as possible. 

Videos that are one or two minutes long give you plenty of time to discuss pain points, benefits, and specifics without dragging on. You can also make 30-second videos to use as testimonial video ads on your social platforms.

B2B testimonial video examples

Sometimes the best way to understand how something works isn't to read about it or hear a lecture but to see it in action.

As a result, we've included six successful B2B video testimonial examples from businesses like yours. 

We've also broken down what makes each one great, enabling you to copy the best parts of these testimonials for your own.

Let's get rolling.

1. UI Path

What makes this B2B video testimonial great:

  • Client’s story first: Straight from the get-go, the prospective buyer can connect with a real person who’s experienced similar pain points to them. 
  • Results/benefits: This video testimonial clearly states how the solution benefits them, so there's no doubt for the viewer. For instance, the client says, "UI Path is the software that helps us..." If that need is shared by the viewer, they immediately know that the client's experience is relevant to them.
  • Clear recommendation: This testimonial clearly says, "For someone who is looking to..." This avoids ambiguity and makes it obvious that they’re happy with the solution. A best practice during video production is to ask the client outright if they’d recommend your business and record their response. 

2. CloudZero

What makes this B2B video testimonial great:

  • Emotional hook: The video kicks off with a quick overview of the benefits to draw in a potential customer from the get-go. Using emotive language, the first few sentences show how relieved the founder is to have discovered this solution.
  • Benefits/results: There’s no doubt as to how this product benefits the customer. The review reels off a list of results which makes the positive impact of the solution indisputable.
  • Product in action: This video testimonial shows the value of B-Roll. If this video was just a static shot of the business CEO talking, it’d be boring. Instead, the shots of the dashboard show the product in action, creating a more engaging video while also offering insights into what the customer can expect.

3. Securicy

What makes this B2B video testimonial great:

  • Multiple viewpoints: This video shows how the solution has helped different roles overcome their issues, including the Chief Technology Officer and the Information Security Manager. Showing that your business has made multiple people (in multiple roles) happy is a powerful way to show how great you really are. Multiple viewpoints also increase your chance of having your clients' words resonate with more people.
  • Product in action: In between the footage of employees talking, you can see the product in action. The shots of the dashboard help the viewer get a feel for how the product looks and works.

4. Robin

What makes this B2B video testimonial great:

  • High-quality video: Rather than simply having the customer talk to the screen, this video includes shots of the product in action, the office, and the team working. Not only is the video production high quality, but it’s also far more interesting to watch than one person talking to a camera. 
  • Pain points included: If you can identify frequent pain points of your clients, you should identify a customer who’s experienced them and feature that customer in your video testimonial. For example, in this video, the customer shares their problem with previous space booking solutions (a frequent pain point), and how the company addressed that specific pain point.

5. GrowthGenius

What makes this B2B video testimonial great:

  • Specific numbers: This testimonial features real-world, concrete numbers to resonate with the viewer. Instead of just stating that sales leads have increased, the client explains that they’ve opened more than 1,000 new sales conversations.
  • Benefits/results: This video outlines some of the less obvious qualitative benefits of working with the company, such as a team that shares the same values as them. The combination of quantifiable results and qualitative benefits shows the brand as an all-around impressive solution that gels well with its clients.

6. ThreatStack

What makes this B2B video testimonial great:

  • Attention-grabbing hook: This video starts off with a quick benefit that hooks the listener in by showing exactly how the product solves a long-lasting problem in the company.
  • Multiple viewpoints: By switching between three different roles, this video manages to show how ThreatStack solves problems for multiple departments in the company.
  • Short and sweet: Less than 30 seconds in total, this video is the ideal testimonial to use for an online ad or to post on social media.


Video testimonials can have a huge impact on your business's bottom line by boosting brand awareness and providing social proof.

Remember, though — low-quality video can seriously damage your company’s reputation. A poor quality video implies poor quality service.

Instead, make sure that you’re shooting top-quality videos that show multiple viewpoints on why your product outstrips the competition. Include B-roll that shows your product in action and refer to the specific quantitative and qualitative benefits of using your solution.

Don’t forget to get a clear recommendation from your client and keep your videos short and to the point. There’s nothing worse than a video testimonial that rambles on.

If you have any questions or want to get started with creating high-quality video testimonials, get in touch with one of the experts at Testimonial Hero.

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