8 of the best testimonial videos (and what makes them great)

Video marketing is powerful. So powerful, in fact, that 71% of B2B marketers use videos as part of their marketing strategy. 

Customer video testimonials, in particular, are a highly effective form of marketing as they create an overwhelming sense of trust for your audience. 

But, what should you include in your video to make it one of the best testimonial videos out there? 

This article will cover everything you need to know about the anatomy of a good testimonial video, as well as show you eight examples of top-quality B2B testimonial videos that you can use as inspiration.

Why are testimonial videos so powerful?

A video testimonial offers many benefits, such as: 

  • Increases brand awareness since it can be distributed across many channels. 
  • Gives you the material that you need to create a B2B sales funnel that represents your company as an authority.
  • Creates undeniable brand credibility since your ideal target audience can see the honest opinions of other people who’ve used your products or services. 
  • Makes it easier for your target audience to engage with your brand and take in a lot of information in a small amount of time. 
  • Allows you to build better relationships with the customers who are featured in your testimonials, which can lead to more referrals. 
  • Increases company conversions as it results in more shares, leads, and sales. 

Bottom line — by learning how to create video testimonials or getting experts to create your videos for you, your company will attract and convert more customers. 

Is a video testimonial better than a written testimonial?

People are watching videos now more than ever. So much so that 27,2% of online viewers worldwide watched more than ten hours of video weekly in 2020. 

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More impressively, a staggering 239 million U.S. citizens viewed video content in 2020. 

On top of the sheer volume of people watching video content, social media platforms are also turning toward video, as the distribution of videos from Facebook accounts has grown by 3.5% between 2020–2021. 

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These numbers make it clear that the online world is progressively turning toward a video-centric marketing approach that may become the main content type in the future. 

As such, by creating video testimonials for your company, you’ll have an advantage over companies that don’t make use of video content. 

What makes a good testimonial video?

Whether your testimonial video is for a landing page, an email, or social media, certain elements need to be included for the video to be successful. 

These elements include: 

  • An exciting video narrative: Your video should tell a compelling story that’s easy to follow and understand. 
  • Real-world results: Your video should showcase the results that your product or service helped the client achieve. The more specific you can get, the better. 
  • Concrete details: Your video should explain why you’re better than your competitors by mentioning details of what makes you stand out.
  • Conversational and authentic: Your video should showcase your client as a real person with a real story. This way, the prospective customers won’t view your video as impersonal and scripted.    
  • Explain the context: Your testimonial video should always explain the context (i.e., the client should mention their business and industry). This makes it easier for viewers to relate to them. 

B2B testimonial video examples

Here are eight well-executed B2B testimonial videos that you can take inspiration from: 

1. CloudZero

In this testimonial video, software company Obsidian Security describes its experience working with CloudZero. 

What makes this testimonial great?

Shows the product in action 

Potential customers want to see what they’re buying. So, if the product or process that you sell looks good, include it in your video. 

This video shows snippets of CloudZero’s product in action — which helps make it appear more “real” and attainable for potential customers. Essentially, you want viewers to be able to imagine themselves using your product or service. 

Shows real-world results

By including real-world results (percentages or numbers) in your testimonial video, your video instantly becomes more powerful. For example, in this video, Obsidian Security founder Ben Johnson mentions that by using CloudZero, his company reduced overall spending by 20%. 

He also explains how CloudZero helps them prevent an increase in costs. By including these metrics in your video, viewers become more confident that your offer can help them increase their metrics as well. 

2. WhiteSource

In this testimonial, data security company Open Raven describes its experience with WhiteSource.

What makes this testimonial great? 


Early in the video, the testifying customer explains their business and industry: data security. This immediately “sets the scene” and makes the video highly relatable to business individuals who are in the same or a similar industry. 

As a result, the viewers will listen more intently, and they’ll be more likely to make use of WhiteSource’s services since they know that it could be applied to their businesses as well. 

Shows company logo

Your logo is a huge part of your company’s identity. As such, it’s a great idea to include it in all of your testimonial videos. In this video, WhiteSource’s logo is showcased at the beginning and end of the video. 

Not only will this keep branding consistent throughout all your marketing material, but it’ll also make it more likely for potential customers to remember your brand whenever they require the type of service you offer. 

3. Robin

In this testimonial, the company Elastic describes its experience with Robin.

What makes this testimonial great? 

Multiple interviews

Two people were interviewed for this testimonial video. Though this isn’t always necessary, it adds to the credibility of the video since more than one person is giving an honest opinion about the product. 

Additionally, even though both Maria and Corey work for Elastic, they work in different departments, meaning Robin’s product had a positive impact on the entire company as opposed to only helping a single area.

Shares common pain points

Pain points can be used as a powerful marketing weapon. This video addresses a pain point that most businesses can relate to, which is the suspension of office activity during the global pandemic. 

Since so many businesses have been affected by the pandemic, they can immediately relate to Elastic and see Robin’s product as an ideal solution. 

You can also incorporate pain points into your video by asking your client to talk about their struggles before using your product versus after using your product. 

4. Explainify

In this testimonial video example, Onera describes its experience working with Explainify.

What makes this testimonial great? 


Customers always want to know what’s in it for them. That’s why you need to mention the major benefits of your product or service in all of your testimonials. 

In this video, Dana starts by explaining the numerous advantages of using Explainify. She continues to mention benefits throughout the entire video, which strengthens her argument. 

Mentions competitors

Dana mentions that they looked at a number of different vendors when they were seeking video content providers and that Explainify stood out. 

However, she doesn’t just stop there. Instead, she explains why they stood out, saying that they had an amazing portfolio and immediately gave the impression that they could be trusted. 

When it comes to mentioning competitors in your testimonial videos, it’s important that your customer doesn’t only mention that you’re better but also why they think you’re better. 

5. Upserve

In this video, different restaurants describe their experience working with Upserve.


What makes this testimonial great?


This video is a great example of showing the quality of a product. It features different clients of Upserve (formerly known as Swipley) who explain just how much Upserve’s system has helped their restaurants grow. 

Throughout the entire video, the clients use power words like “powerful,” “scalable,” “go-to,” and “maximize,” which automatically makes the product seem like the ultimate solution. 

One of the clients, Miles, even says that using Upserve is like having a full-time data professional at his business. By mentioning specifically how the product brings quality to a business, the viewer immediately knows the product’s value.


This video testimonial doesn’t only show one person and one background throughout. A single shot with no cuts could be boring for the viewer. 

Instead, the video features several different Upserve clients, numerous restaurant scenes, snippets of the product, and more — making it a lot more engaging and interesting to watch. 

By including different video frames, scenes, and backgrounds in your video, viewers will be more inclined to watch the entire thing.   

6. UiPath

In this video, Pandora describes its experience with UiPath.

What makes this testimonial great?

Short and sweet

With the attention spans of consumers shortening, it’s a great idea to keep your videos short and to the point. This video is extremely short, yet it covers all the necessary points to make an impact. 

To achieve this, you need to plan your video in advance and make sure that only the most impactful information is mentioned.


Right off the bat, the potential customer can see that the video showcases a real person with a real story (and not just some actor with a script). This makes the video come across as conversational and authentic. 

It’s okay to have a working script that you and your client can refer to. But, regarding the actual approach, your customer testimonial video should be as organic as possible. 

7. Codeless

This testimonial describes monday.com’s experience working with Codeless.

What makes this testimonial great?

Concrete details

In this video, Zoe explains exactly what her company was looking for and what they got. 

She starts by mentioning what they needed: a content agency that could give them high-quality and engaging content on a massive scale. 

Directly afterward, she mentions what they got. Codeless produced 70 high-quality blog posts for them in less than a month — more than they thought was possible.  

By mentioning these concrete details, the viewer knows exactly what they can expect if they decide to work with Codeless. 


People are much more likely to purchase a product or service when it’s recommended by others that are in the same industry as them.

In this video, Zoe doesn’t only state that she recommends Codeless, but she also explains why she recommends them. The why is just as important as the actual recommendation. 

8. NinjaRMM

In this video, RESCICAP explains its experience working with NinjaOne.

What makes this testimonial great? 

High-quality content

Clients see your testimonial videos as a direct representation of your business. Therefore, like in this video, it’s vital that you use professional settings, good lighting, and high-quality sound. 

By doing this, prospective clients won’t only find your video more interesting and entertaining, but they’ll also know that you’re worth the investment. 

At the end of the day, quality attracts quality. So, if you make sure that your video looks and sounds great, you’ll attract premium clients who are extremely rewarding to work with. 

Customer satisfaction

There's nothing more convincing than seeing happy customers talk about a product that they love. It’s clear from this video that the client is extremely satisfied with NinjaOne’s product.

In this video, the CTO of RESICAP, Ken Taylor, even goes so far as to say that Ninjaone is the backbone of how they are able to support a midsize company even with a small team. 

Additionally, he also said that NinjaOne has delivered on all their expectations and more. This automatically builds the prospective customer’s trust in NinjaOne since they can see that the client is extremely satisfied. They now know they can expect the same.

It’s your turn to create an amazing video testimonial

Creating the best testimonial videos for your business won’t only help you attract your ideal customers but also build a great reputation for your business. 

By incorporating elements of these eight videos into your own testimonials, you’ll have great marketing material to showcase on your website and throughout your business platforms.

Testimonial Hero can help. We specialize in creating high-quality customer testimonials that enrich your marketing campaigns and represent your business in its best light.

Reach out to us today to get started.

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