9 Testimonial Examples That You Need to See (and Steal)

With so many different formats available, it can be hard to capture the perfect testimonial.

You can have the perfect customer endorsement, but botch the delivery. 

If the message doesn’t resonate with prospects, then the testimonial will not be effective.

To counteract this, we’ve compiled nine examples of testimonial that you can use to guide your testimonial development. We’ll examine testimonials shared on websites, social media, and some in the form of video testimonials. 

By examining what these testimonials did well, you can execute similar tactics to ensure you create a high-quality testimonial for your business.

Website Testimonial Examples

Website testimonials are effective ways to nudge prospects toward purchasing or signing up to demo your product.

The addition of a testimonial to your homepage or landing page can act as a powerful form of social proof.

Research shows that a testimonial added to your site will improve your conversions. In fact, 36% of top-performing landing pages feature testimonials.

To impress a potential customer, you need to provide proof that your product or service is a good investment. You can achieve this by featuring testimonials on your site or even having an entire customer testimonial page devoted to them.

Let’s take a look at a few examples. 

Website Testimonial Example #1: Koble

Koble, a SaaS platform that helps entrepreneurs plan and launch their business ideas, features founders who use the service directly on their homepage.

The testimonials on their website each include an image of the founder and a one or two-sentence testimonial in a blocked quote. 

The testimonial shown below addresses how Koble has helped this founder through personal development, concepting, and even securing financing.

Testimonial with customer photo

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This testimonial is effective because it quantifies the return on investment (ROI) that could be indirectly attributed to using Koble. 

Rachel Cook mentions that she was able to raise a $3 million investment for her company thanks to Koble’s platform. 

That’s a substantial ROI that might make other potential customers interested in the product.

Key Takeaway: Show the ROI of using your product or service. If potential customers understand how your product can help their business, they will be more inclined to buy.

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Website Testimonial Example #2: Salesforce

Salesforce features a testimonial on their homepage from an existing customer highlighting why she chose the product.

Homepage screenshot

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If you click on “Watch the Story,” a separate window will open, and you can view a video of the testimonial in full without ever leaving the homepage.

Testimonial with CTA button

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There is a button strategically placed right next to the testimonial where you can click “Start My Free Trial” and input your information. 

By placing the call-to-action right by the testimonial, Salesforce makes it easy for the potential customer to sign up and start using the platform.

Key Takeaway: Add a call-to-action right next to the testimonial so that you can immediately capture the prospect’s information.

Social Media Testimonial Examples

Social media networks are a great place to get new testimonials and share existing ones with the world. 

Organic social media testimonials shared in the form of social media posts may seem less forced and more credible to your audience. 

As a company, you can amplify these in your own feeds, so your potential customers will see what your existing customers are saying.

On the other hand, you can package existing testimonials into shareable social media assets that your future customers will love. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Social Media Testimonial #1: Zoom

Client testimonials on social media can drive engagement with a prospective client. 

By seeing customer quotes and compelling testimonials from a real person on Facebook or Twitter, a prospective customer will understand the value the company provides.

Wondering how to encourage your fans to leave organic testimonials? Create engaging, emotional content that asks them how they use the product.

For example, Zoom published that it would be dropping the 40-minute time limit for the holidays, so users could chat with their families and friends for extended hours.

Obviously, this is something their fans would love, and many people commented on the post sharing their appreciation for this campaign and the product.

Facebook post with positive comment


With these testimonials flooding their comment section, new fans can discover the magic of the product and how much others love it as well.

Social Media Testimonial #2: monday.com

If your customers love your product, amplify their voices.

The Work OS, monday.com, is active on social media and continuously engages with its followers.

Take a look at how monday.com shared a positive testimonial for its product.

Twitter thread with positive comment

By responding to this Tweet (and similar ones), fans of monday.com will see this content appear in their feeds.

Video Testimonial Examples

There can sometimes be something missing from static website testimonials or copy-focused testimonials on social media.

That’s where video testimonials come into play.

Video testimonials put your prospects face-to-face with a satisfied customer who is sharing how your product impacted their business.

Video testimonials are some of the most effective types of testimonials because they are more engaging, trustworthy, and provide additional context.

Customers will be lured in by the visuals and have the chance to assess the tone, facial expressions, and overall credibility of the person giving the testimonial. In addition, the video testimonial can highlight other aspects of the product’s use case in a short amount of time.

Approximately 73% of B2B videos are two minutes or less — forcing creators to pack in a lot of value in a concise, effective way. A video testimonial can also appear on your website or on your social media channels (or, ideally, both). 

Video length distribution graph

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Let’s take a look at five effective video testimonial examples and extract key insights from them that you can incorporate into your own.

Video Testimonial Example #1: Celect

In this video testimonial example made for Celect, a predictive analytics SaaS company, you’ll see how powerful it can be when you have varying perspectives.

Michael Relich (COO) and Miles Barger (VP of Store Analytics) shared how Celect helped them make more informed decisions about inventory management. The software has changed their approach in how they shift inventory across various stores.

Key Takeaway: Get multiple perspectives. It is valuable to show how a product can impact more than one department. By having both Michael and Miles speak in one testimonial, Celect provides prospects with varying impactful perspectives.

Video Testimonial Example #2: Explainify

Sometimes, you have to show your product rather than just talk about it.

Josh Lite, Director of Performance Marketing at Plated, selected Explainify to make high-quality product videos showcasing Plated’s meal offerings. 

The video testimonial features snippets of the final product that Explainify created for Plated. This makes the testimonial more visually engaging and overall powerful.

Key Takeaway: Show the product in action. Whether you’re a video production company or a SaaS product, footage of your product should be in the testimonial.

Video Testimonial Example #3: Ordway

With a video testimonial, you can look into the mind of the customer giving it.

This is impactful when you begin to understand different customers’ purchasing decision processes. 

For example, Jeff Woglom, VP of Finance at OpenFin, explains in a video testimonial how much time he saved by eliminating manual processes with Ordway. 

He highlighted the fact that Ordway is customizable and powerful, which were two differentiators that set the product apart from others on the market.

Key Takeaway: State the differentiators that led you to purchase. Prospects who may be evaluating other competitors will see these and might conclude that they are important enough to purchase.

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Testimonial Example #4: CloudZero

The problem with website testimonials and social testimonials is that you only have limited space to tell your story. 

Your customer might have to keep their testimonial broad, which may make it less impactful for specific segments that really need a nudge to purchase.

That’s why it’s so important for your featured customer to share who they are speaking to in their video. 

For example, Ben Johnson, CTO and Co-Founder of Obsidian Security, recommends CloudZero to companies "that have AWS spend or don't understand their AWS spend" in his video testimonial. 

By doing so, prospects who have similar issues or feel aligned with the type of company that is recommended to purchase the product may feel like the testimonial is more relatable and directed to them.

Key Takeaway: State who should buy the product. By sharing who you’d recommend purchasing the product, others may identify with that target customer and feel like your testimonial is more applicable for their business.

Video Testimonial Example #5: Content Allies

Other forms of testimonials often focus on endorsing the product or service. With a video testimonial, though, you can highlight your entire experience with the company.

For example, Loretta Soffee, Global Retail Expert and Consumer-Centric Brand Builder, highlighted the process that sets Content Allies apart from others in a video testimonial. She credited Content Allies for helping her “get her content out into production.” 

Key Takeaway: Describe your overall experience with the company. Loretta loved the content, but she also loved the process and experience, as well as her interactions with the company. These are tenets of a company that buyers don’t always directly consider, but they are worthwhile to note and bring to life in a testimonial.


Creating a meaningful testimonial doesn’t have to be hard work. You just need to know which format will be most impactful for your audience.

With the formula and key takeaways highlighted on this page, you can produce a solid foundation for your next video. 

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