11 Examples of Customer Testimonial Pages for Inspiration (And What Makes Them Work)

Your customer testimonial page can be one of your greatest sales and marketing assets.

But is yours top-notch or a poor attempt at displaying essential sales content?

Looking at the customer testimonial pages of larger companies is one of the best ways to make sure that you’re getting your testimonial page right the first time. Keep in mind, however, that they do both right and wrong things on their own pages.

Here, we’ll examine some of the best customer testimonials page examples from across the web to discover where they succeed before applying those lessons to your site. Then we’ll go over some best practices for creating your testimonials.

However, let’s first look at some different types of testimonials.

Testimonial Types

There are four primary types of testimonials...


When people hear “testimonial,” they often think of a quote. 

This is simply a quote — often written — from a happy customer. Most people add a photo of the customer next to the quote testimonial to humanize the message.

You can use these on testimonial pages, around the rest of your website, in advertisements, and more.


Video testimonials are recordings of customers explaining how you helped them. Video can be more impactful because it engages customers more — not to mention that prospects can see and feel more emotional expression from videos.


Audio offers many of the benefits of video (such as enhanced emotional expression) without the cost of hiring a full production crew. It’s also an excellent alternative to video for camera-shy customers.

Since audio files are smaller than video, audio testimonials are also more accessible for prospects on-the-go.

Case Study

A case study is a longer form of testimonial. It analyzes a client or customer experience in-depth.

Case studies often start by introducing the customer and discussing what problem they had. They then explain how said customer found you and the results your product or service brought them.

Case studies bring numerous benefits, the main one being storytelling. Prospective customers can see the results of working with you in a way that will resonate emotionally.

Additionally, case studies provide ample opportunity to address objections and convey transparency to your prospects.

Now that we’ve covered some broad testimonial types, here are our top 11 examples of great testimonial pages.

1. Zendesk’s Customer Testimonial Page

Zendesk Customer Testimonial Page

Zendesk, a helpdesk software provider for customer service departments, provides one of the top examples of a killer customers page. 

It makes sense for a company that focuses on customer relations to have a great customers page. After all, if they’re providing you with software to help your customer service, it stands to reason that their own customers should be satisfied. 

When you first look at the testimonials page for Zendesk, you’ll notice that they list one main story at the top of the page. That story, at the time of this writing, is Airbnb, a globally recognized company. Right off the bat, the main story lets you know that Zendesk has some very high-profile customers. This shows they are a legit company. 

Zendesk organizes the remainder of the customer testimonials incredibly well into several categories, including location, industry, company size, and more. This makes for easy browsing and helps Zendesk’s prospects pinpoint relevant information easily.

Organization is a crucial element of the user experience. It lets the prospect know that their time is valued. 

Thumbnail images serve as links to each full customer story.

Overall, the page is easy to navigate and use. It would be much more effective, however, if Zendesk utilized testimonial video content.

The reason why companies should rely on video for their customer testimonials comes down to the way humans process information. Visual data is processed in the brain 60,000 times faster than text. When prospects watch a video, they typically retain 90% of the information presented to them, making it a highly effective medium. 

Check out these testimonials for Testimonial Hero to test that theory for yourself!

2. Help Scout’s Customer Page

Help Scout's customer testimonial page shows it's successful at producing happy customers.

Help Scout is another software company specializing in customer support. It provides email and live chat functionality with customers using a personal touch. 

Their testimonials page wastes no time in touting company size and success, stating that over 9,000 businesses use it. Right below that, in the header graphic, you’ll see numerous recognizable company logos. 

Help Scout utilizes a great blend of video and text testimonials. Some of the stand-out companies that they work with have quotes associated with their testimonial.

They also make it a point to drop in some of their more prominent clients’ logos, even if they did not provide a testimonial.

The video testimonial organization is wonderful. The layout functions like mini-documentaries — interviewing several employees of the testifying company, giving background information on the company as a whole, and going into great detail on how Help Scout aids them in servicing their clients. 

3. HubSpot’s Customer Testimonials

HubSpot's customer testimonial page is simple and clean.

Hubspot is a marketing and sales software company. It is one of the larger software companies on the market, and its testimonials page is a glowing example of how simplicity can sometimes be more user-friendly. 

Hubspot utilizes quote snippets for most of their testimonials, drawing the prospect in with short, glowing copy provided from each testifying customer. This is another business that would benefit from utilizing video as a more effective medium, but as far as text-based pages go, it is one of the best. 

They also include a link to each testifying customer’s business, which is a great incentive for customers to provide a testimonial in the first place. Giving them an external link is not only free advertising, but it also works wonders for their SEO. 

What makes Hubspot’s page different from most others on this list is its straightforward design. While maintaining a single column layout, the page manages to remain effective. Each testimonial is stacked, one on top of the other. They’re fairly short so that a prospect can easily read each snippet down the line. 

Another interesting feature of this page is that it calls out whether a customer had switched to Hubspot from a competitor. It makes sure to point out the impact of that change, giving prospects who may be working with one of their competitors something to think about when making their purchase decisions. 

4. Bizzabo’s Case Studies and Video Testimonial

Bizzabo's case studies and video testimonial page highlights it's strengths.

Bizzabo is an event management software company with a collection of full case studies from various customers and a large testimonial video from Coinbase, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platforms. 

The company makes a statement immediately at the top of the page, stating that their customers are the center of their universe. They accomplish this through a well-designed image highlighting some glowing social media mentions that the company has received from their clients. 

They tout their perfect score from the Capterra Customer Service rating before diving right into a series of case studies. A small box with an image, company logo, and a pull-out snippet represents each study.

Below that is their featured video testimonial. It clocks in at just over two minutes with some upbeat music and an excellent example of effective B-Roll footage. 

You can watch more beautiful examples of quality testimonial videos from companies of all sizes here.

5. Xero’s Client Testimonial Videos

Xero's client testimonial videos page extends across industries.

The business and accounting software company Xero has a lot going for it, and its customers page showcases that perfectly. 

Xero has a wide range of clients, so it separates all of its reviews and testimonials by industry. 

Selecting your industry takes you to a page featuring a case study with text and a video. There is one testimonial per industry, and each one has a dedicated page. They list 17 different industries, giving a broad spectrum of customers to choose from. 

This kind of organization ensures that the prospect is receiving only the most relevant information.

Each industry features a custom landing page with industry-specific information before you even get to the actual customer story.

This page is very user-friendly, allowing prospects to find what they’re looking for with almost no effort.

6. ChowNow’s Testimonial Video Page

ChowNow's testimonial video page highlights restaurants using their service.

ChowNow is a food ordering system and mobile app. Their testimonials page features a chat pop-up that references a new testimonial. This testimonial page aims to attract restaurant owners who are still considering using ChowNow, rather than current users.

The top two testimonials get both a snippet and a video featured on the page. They also make sure to note what kind of restaurant each testimonial comes from. Some examples of the categories featured are Mexican restaurants, cafes, sandwiches, BBQ, and more. 

Every review has a video, but most of them don’t have an embedded player. Beneath each customer, there is a video play icon for prospects to click. All of the testimonial videos pop up on the page, so there’s no need to navigate away or wait while a new page loads. 

The videos include professional filming and editing and look highly impressive.

7. Hootsuite’s Video Testimonials and Case Studies

Hootsuit video testimonials and case studies page is highly organized.

Hootsuite is one of the largest and most recognized social media management companies in the world. Its customers page has excellent organization. It divides the type of customer study and the different industries that have used its service. 

Each case study takes you to its own dedicated landing page. These pages feature a testimonial video on top and a written case study underneath. 

There are also industry-specific case studies featured on the page, ensuring that the prospect receives relevant information. 

Each testimonial video is expertly edited and looks professional. They are embedded through YouTube, and users can follow the videos to Hootsuite’s official YouTube account. 

8. Shopify’s Testimonial Page

Shopify's customer testimonial page exudes customer confidence.

Shopify is one of the most widely known ecommerce platforms on the planet. Online product business owners know their choice of ecommerce platform is one of their most vital decisions. 

Since prospects want to have complete confidence in the platform they choose, it stands to reason that the number one most popular platform in the world would have a stellar customers page. This helps them promote social proof and increase consumer confidence in its product. 

Shopify lays out the page very well with colorful images for every testimonial. Each one listed comes with a slew of information on the company, including its name, an image, and its location. 

These testimonials are text-based and could use some video to brighten them up. 

Shopify gives the testifying customers a chance to talk about their company before going into the actual testimonial, essentially offering a place for the company to market itself. This is a fantastic perk that undoubtedly makes it easier for Shopify to receive testimonials from its customers. 

9. mHelpDesk’s Testimonial Videos and Reviews

mHelpDesk's testimonial videos and reviews page displays recognition.

The business automation software mHelpDesk has a very effective customers page, featuring both testimonial videos and text-based reviews. 

They feature the video testimonials prominently at the top of the page with pulled-out text snippets beneath them for easier navigation. There is a call to action between the video section and the text-based reviews. 

The page also showcases some of the various awards and badges of recognition the company has received. While this is not a direct testimonial from a customer, it is an extra something to convey a sense of trust in the prospect’s mind. 

The videos featured on the site are fine for the most part, but some lack quality. You always want to have the best possible quality in your video testimonials, as it is an indicator of your service. It helps to make the prospect trust the testifying customer and, by extension, your business. 

10. 99designs’ Customer Videos and Reviews

99designs' customer videos and reviews page uses rating system.

99 Designs, a professional design firm, takes a different approach from most other companies on this list by utilizing a star-based rating system. 

They start with a video up top, which is professionally edited and well done. Below that, you’ll find a series of star-based reviews, all separated by categories and industries. 

Customers can leave a star rating and review the service as though it were an Amazon product. This approach is highly effective because it’s something familiar that people already know. 

This casual format also allows them to garner a lot of reviews. There are over 37,000 reviews on the site with a star rating average of 4.8 out of 5 at the time of this writing. 

Customer reviews are incredibly effective. In fact, posting 50 product reviews leads to a conversion increase of 4.6%. On top of that, customers who interact with reviews typically generate 62% more revenue per visitor.

11. Hotjar‘s Video Testimonial Page

Hotjar's video testimonial page varies their featured testimonial.

The business heat mapping and survey software provider Hotjar features a varied customers page that switches seamlessly back and forth between video testimonials and shorter text-based reviews.

The videos all feature a small write-up on the testifying company. These videos are incredible, featuring numerous employees and excellent production value.

Beneath the top three videos, you’ll find several company logos and employee headshots with pull-out quotes touting the product’s success. Then there is another video and additional text quotes.

There are also several case studies that show concrete results for some big-name clients. 

Best Practices For an Effective Testimonial

1. Get specific

The best testimonials get into the details of a customer’s problem and how your business solved it. This will help prospective customers understand how your product or service works and allow them to get a better picture of what their lives will be like after buying it.

2. Tailor your testimonials

Specific customer feedback is a good starting point. However, get at least one testimonial for every type of buyer persona and use case, so your testimonials have the broadest possible reach.

You can make case studies out of these and add them to your testimonial section.

3. Use visuals

Testimonials work best when the reader puts themselves in the testimonial giver’s shoes. Guide your customers to use descriptive, enthusiastic language when giving you their testimonial.

Additionally, add visual design elements. For example, you might use a testimonial builder tool that lets you put the most compelling line above the main testimonial body to draw in readers. 

Get some video testimonials as well if you can.

4. Place testimonials strategically

You don’t just have to place your testimonials on a testimonial page. Put them in relevant spots on your website for maximum effect. For example, your homepage could have broad testimonials about the overall experience customers had with your firm.

Meanwhile, a testimonial regarding a specific service of yours should go on that service’s page.

If your clients or customers have to contact you to learn more about products, services, or pricing, placing a testimonial near the form can help as well.

Overall, think about where testimonials might be most relevant, given the content on each of your pages.

What type of Customer Testimonial Page is right for your business?

There’s a whole lot these companies do right with their customers pages, but none of them are exactly alike. That’s because a customers page has to look and feel suitable for the particular company it is highlighting and the audience it is trying to reach.

Decide which of these features would best fit your company and ideal demographic so that you can reap the rewards of satisfied customers with stellar testimonials. 

Now, you’ll notice that some of these include video testimonials. Quality video testimonials grab attention and let the reader experience the emotions of the happy customer — something not possible with text testimonials.

If you’re interested in conversions on your website with the power of video, reach out to Testimonial Hero to see how we can help you implement video testimonials.

We hope you learned something new from this article and we are always here to help you with your testimonial needs. Reach out today to talk to the experts in video testimonials

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