Video Testimonial Process: What You Can Expect on Filming Day

High-quality, low-impact - when it comes to our video testimonial process, that's what we're all about. Years of experience has taught us that these are our client's highest priorities.

At Testimonial Hero, we completely understand how valuable your time is, so we put a lot of thought into streamlining our production process. As a result, we have a small, well-organized team who will keep you in the know, make the process effortless and deliver results you'll be proud to share.

This article will lay out the play-by-play so you and your customers know what to expect, from the day you sign on through to the delivery of content. Our aim is to provide all the information you need upfront and answer commonly asked questions.

Video Testimonial Process: Setting Expectations

We can appreciate that you need to know what you're getting yourself and your customer into. Setting expectations helps everyone, including ourselves, to have proper preparation and help the process run smoothly. 

First and foremost, if you've been holding off on asking your customer for a video testimonial because you're not sure how to go about it without jeopardizing your relationship - here is a resource we put together to help. 

How much time is required of my customer? 

Typically, one hour to 90 minutes. This includes a 30-minute call before the day of recording and around an hour on the day of. Sometimes the hour of recording time is asynchronous, but that's usually all we need. 

  • Pre-Filming Briefing Call of 30 Minutes
  • 30 Minute Interview Recording
  • 30 Minute B-Roll Recording

How long will the Testimonial Hero team be on-site? 

At the very most, the entire production process takes place on-site within three hours. This will depend on how many interviews we conduct on the day. For most customers, one or two people is the ideal amount to feature in a 90-120 second testimonial video.

How big is the team? Will recording disrupt the office environment?

Our low impact, compact crew typically consists of only 2 people, a producer and a videographer, working with 2 cameras. Testimonial Hero teams are purpose-built with quality and discretion in mind. Despite the small, lightweight production footprint, we use cutting edge, modern equipment of the highest quality. 

We recommend sending a team-wide email letting everyone know what the filming is about and when it will take place. This way everyone is in the know and we can avoid disruption brought on by curiosity and surprise.

We understand the importance of discretion and are very careful not to take over the office. Rest assured, our team is going to take utmost care and attention. 

Video Testimonial Process: Pre-Production Kick-Off Call

Prior to the day of recording, our creative director will hold a 30-minute briefing call with you and the testifying party. The purpose of this call is not only to go over the flow of the day and answer any questions but also to align on the story and messaging. 

At this stage, we will have sent your customer the interview questions we signed off on together. This call is an opportunity to review these questions together so your customer feels at ease. Are they comfortable with answering these questions? Does everything make sense? Are there any extra details they would like to include? Do we feel the story is well conveyed through the messages provided in the answers? We will also want to confirm statistics, metrics, data points and any other details they may want to speak about. 

Before we close the call, we'll discuss the flow of the day to help your customers better understand what will happen on the day of recording. These calls exist to ensure everyone feels good and is well prepared. There is no such thing as a silly question in this setting, we encourage everyone to bring forward any questions or concerns.

Flow of the Day

Phase 1: Crew Arrival and Setup

Our team of two arrives one hour before the interview time to scout the location, find the best spot to film the interview, and set up. The best locations for filming have a natural, authentic feel to them. A real office background like a lounge space or an open work setting looks much better on camera than a confined conference room. 

Here are some examples portraying the difference between a natural wide open space and a sterile, confined space. 

Open Background - OneEleven testimonial for Robin
Co-Working Open Background - this open co-working space worked well for filming.
Open Background - UNTUCKit testimonial for NewStore
Store Open Background - the open space of this retail store set the stage nicely.
Open Background 3
Office Open Background - the large meeting space here works well.
Closed Off Background 1
Board Room Closed Off Background - the tighter confines of this boardroom creates a closed off background.
Closed Off Background 2
Meeting Room Closed Off Background - this small meeting space provided a tight background.

If you pick out 2-3 quiet locations that fit the style you're going for, the crew will help you make the final decision to ensure wonderful footage is captured.

Phase 2: The Interview

Before the day of recording, you will receive a timetable similar to this one. 

Filming Schedule 1 Interview
Filming Schedule 1 Interview

We will spend approximately 60 minutes recording with each interviewee. The first 30 minutes will be dedicated to the interview where the interviewee will answer the pre-discussed questions on camera. Then the next 30 minutes will be staging simple work scenes to capture b-roll footage. 

If you have more than one interviewee, this timeline will be modified and might look more like this. 

Filming Schedule 2 Interviews
Filming Schedule 2 Interviews

Phase 3: B-Roll Recording

B-roll footage adds a creative touch to your video testimonials and helps tell the story in a more engaging and impactful way. Our aim is not only to capture cutaways of teamwork and day-to-day business in the office environment, but also to make your customers look awesome! This is our opportunity to showcase the success your customers have had with your product.

We will spend approximately 30 minutes on recording b-roll (without audio) and we like for all interviewees to be available, but it's not the end world if they can't make it. Our producer will stage scenes around the office and provide guidance. 

To give you an idea of what we'll be looking for, here are a few examples of great b-roll footage we've captured in other video testimonials:

Phase 4: Crew Breakdown and Departure

After recording is finished, your customers are free to get back to work while our producer and videographer pack up quietly. This phase of the process is frictionless as our equipment is purposefully compact and our team is considerate of noise and disruption. 

Rest assured, our team will make the entire process very easy on your customers. We take pride in creating a streamlined experience that is low-impact, fast and efficient, all while ensuring the footage captured produces a high-quality testimonial video you will be proud to share. 

Don't just take our word for it - these short videos feature some of our satisfied clients talking about how low-impact the filming experience was for their customers. 

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Close deals faster with video testimonials for all key buyer personas.

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