Outsourcing Video Testimonial Services? How to Choose The Best Provider

Don't think you need video testimonials to net B2B customers? Think again.

50% of all B2B buyers say they chose their vendor based on reviews by industry peers. 

That's right. B2B buyers are scouting out the services that their competitors use and picking the ones with the best testimonials. 

So, if you don't have testimonial videos to prove your worth, you'll lose potential B2B clients to firms that can show their value.

But what do you do if you simply don't know how to produce customer evidence videos? 

You outsource to professionals that do.

But remember, not all video testimonial services are worth their salt. You'll need to pick a testimonial production team that knows what they're doing.

As one of the top B2B customer testimonial video producers in the land, we know exactly what you should be looking for when you're outsourcing testimonial video production. 

Read on to find out how to choose the best video testimonial services to meet your goals.

Why outsource to a video testimonial service?

To put it plainly, if you want B2B customers to recognize your value, you need testimonials. 60% of B2B buyers put reviews in their top five buying decision factors when analyzing potential solutions providers. 

The problem is that it's difficult for customers to put faith in online reviews, because it's easy to fake them. 

However, by putting a face to the name with a video testimonial, you can enhance trust and create an emotional connection through relatable human stories. 

That's all well and good, but what do you do if you don't have a video production team? Put together clunky home-video style content yourself?

No, definitely not. 

You outsource to a professional customer video testimonial team.


Because you'll see a whole wealth of benefits. Let's break them down...

1. Convert more leads

Outsourcing video testimonials leads to higher-quality video testimonials.

Which makes sense, when you think about it, because the people doing it do it for a living, rather than on top of doing 100 other marketing-related and business-growth oriented things, as would be.

But, more than that, professional-quality video testimonials lead to an uplift in your conversions.

Just ask Jake Matulewicz, the director of marketing at Symmons:

"Testimonials [...] are by far our highest quality pieces of content. That authentic video is something that really resonates with a customer — and as a result, we end up getting more conversions, whether that be a phone call, an email, or a form completion." 

2. Save precious time

Outsourcing your corporate video production will save you time.

Filming testimonial videos can be a long, arduous process if you don't know what you're doing. 

As experts, a video testimonial company knows exactly what video content you need, how to shoot it, and how to piece it all together to create a video that drives engagement, leads, and sales for your B2B business.

All without you needing to lift a finger.

As Enrico Palmerino, CEO at Botkeeper, puts it:

"You get a great result without spending much of your time, that your clients walk away happy from. It doesn't get better."

3. Reduce the hassle

If you don't know what you're doing, video testimonials become a real headache.

Creating a video testimonial that draws in B2B customers isn't as easy as you think when you consider all the separate skills and equipment needed.

It's far simpler to have a professional team come in and complete the whole process end-to-end, without you having to think about any of it.

4. Benefit from expertise

It's not always obvious what's going to work when it comes to testimonial videos. 

The testimonial format, the delivery style, and the overall sentiment depend highly on your type of business and target audience.

The problem is that, since you're filming your customers, you don't have endless time to test which style video testimonial will work. 

Often this means flying blind. You film the testimonial and keep your fingers crossed that it works.

Alternatively, an expert team with valuable experience doesn't need endless time to try out theories. They know what works. 

As Robin Stone, head of global customer marketing at Threat Stack explains:

"[Hiring an expert testimonial producer] has helped accelerate deals. It has accelerated the selling process. It gives that third party validation without us having to say it."

How to choose the best video testimonial services

If you're looking for video testimonial services that really know how to attract your target audience, you'll need to get picky. 

There are a lot of posers out there who point and shoot without any professional expertise in creating B2B video testimonials.

If you want video testimonial services that provide results, here's what you need to look for.

1. Pick video testimonial services that can boost your profit

43% of B2B marketers say they rely on customer testimonials to move their clients through the sales funnel. 

That makes video testimonials a key money-making device.

The video testimonial service you pick should be well-versed in creating sales opportunities through their body of work. 

This means scoping out video professionals who talk expertly about which elements to include in your videos to aid the sales process.

You want professional testimonial videos that help your customer understand why they should buy and how easy it would be to make a purchase.

As Lorita Ba, VP of Marketing for GreatHorn, explains, "It makes the sales process so much easier. It really reduces friction in the sales process — and the more that we can do that, the easier our job gets as sales and marketing professionals."

To understand which video testimonial services know how to grow revenue, look for companies with an established track record in boosting profits.

For example, look at Rachel Spatz, VP of Marketing at NinjaRMM,. She raves about the service she received, saying, "The testimonial videos have absolutely helped us grow both our brand and our revenue. We use them at all stages in our funnel." 

Eren Koont, head of marketing at Ordway, agrees, saying, "We see a direct tie between the video work [...] and our closed deals." 

2. Find a video testimonial team that can save you time

Video production can be a lengthy process at the best of times, let alone if you're starting anew.

For a two minute video, in-house production can take four to eight weeks, depending on scope. 

On the flip side, it can take a professional video producer as little as four hours to produce a basic video, thanks to skill, experience, and expertise.

When looking for a video testimonial team, you want a service that will save you time. 

You don't want a video team that needs a ton of involvement from you. At that point you could just be doing it yourself.

Look for a video testimonial service that asks the right questions and gets on with the task without needing constant affirmation or information.

3. Choose a testimonial production firm that works closely with your team 

While you want a team that gets on with the job quickly, you need to make sure the video service you choose knows how to meet your business goals.

Not every B2B brand wants to achieve the same result from a testimonial.

Do you want to highlight the quality of your service? The speed? The low price? The ease?

A premium testimonial video service will work closely with you to get to the heart of your aims. This helps you make better decisions when picking customers to represent your brand and choosing which experiences to broadcast.

As Laurel Rodriguez, director of marketing at Eccovia Solutions, explains:

"As the director of marketing, I have all these projects going on, all the time. I'm able to work with Testimonial Hero, and they just make it happen. They help from start to finish. They will work with you and put that process in place, and it will turn out quality. I absolutely recommend working with them."" 

4. Find a video testimonial service with proven expertise 

If you choose a video production team that has no proven expertise working on B2B testimonials, you'll go through a lot of trial and error. 

This experimentation period can become lengthy and costly.

Expert customer testimonial video producers know what works to reach which goals, saving a lot of time, money, and heartbreak. 

Find a team that doesn't expect you to come up with all the ideas. After all, they should be the experts, so they should be advising you.

As Eren Koont from Ordway puts it:

"They understand how to coax compelling stories out of people, and take those interviews and turn them into short, high impact videos. It's really the added value of the critical thinking." 

5. Go for a testimonial service with a happy customer base 

Happy customers are a surefire way to tell whether a testimonial video production company can produce the goods.

Explore the portfolio of your potential video testimonial team. 

Do they have any recognizable brands praising their work? Are their previous customers falling over themselves to give glowing testimonials? Do they have top ratings, rave reviews, and boundless social proof? 

If not, that's a warning sign — they're probably not producing results.

They should be advertising all the great brands who they've done business with. 

Something like this (from Testimonial Hero):

testimonial hero existing customer portfolio

(Image Source)

Look for a broad portfolio of high-caliber clients, as well as customer evidence videos from existing customers raving about the benefits of their services.

6. Look for a video testimonial service that shows you what they can do

A great testimonial video service will show, not just tell.

A strong video content producer will be proud of its work for top-shelf clients, boasting a portfolio of examples, like Testimonial Hero's below:

Portfolio of video examples

(Image Source)

If you can’t see any examples of the work that a client testimonial video team produces, how can you be sure of the finished quality you’ll receive?

If you come across a company that doesn’t demonstrate examples of its work online, try contacting them to ask for samples. If they’re not forthcoming with case study video examples, steer clear.

7. Find testimonial firms that can produce remote video testimonials

It can be hard to convince customers to take time out of their busy schedule to film a customer testimonial video, especially since that process usually requires them to come to a physical location.

You could try going to your customers, but this can get expensive. It’s also not practical if you have an international client base.

The best alternative is to seek out corporate video services that facilitate remote video testimonials. Then you can collect customer evidence without having to go in-person. Have a look at three fully remote video testimonial examples produced by Testimonial Hero for inspiration:


Don’t settle for a two-bit video production team that’ll charge over the odds without provable expertise. Look for a great testimonial video service that can really show its production value.

Remember, video testimonial services that provide real results will always have an army of happy customers willing to boast about how well their customer evidence videos perform. In other words, if you want a top-notch video testimonial service, look for their testimonials.

Ready to hire a video testimonial service that drives results? Contact the expert team at Testimonial Hero today.

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